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World Trigger - 01 -00005

「Visual Collection/Series Premiere」World Trigger #01. 「異世界からの来訪者」

I’ve been eagerly waiting to see whether World Trigger would to end up on the Kyousougiga end of the modern Toei Animation’s spectrum or the One Piece (what the anime series is today at least) and Toriko end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have to write it off as one amongst the latter.

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「Manga 1st Chapter Review」 Stealth Symphony

Going into the first chapter of Stealth Symphony, you can immediately justify its serialization in the magazine; a becoming art-style by illustrator Amano Youichi (original creator of Over Time and former assistant of Hideaki Sorachi, original creator of Gintama) supports the familiar premise of a young boy burdened by a curse that earns him the aggressive scorn of those around him but also grants him a formidable and fate-instilling power.

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