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「Mini Review」 The Act of Killing (2012)

The Act of Killing is a 2012 documentary film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer and co-directed by Christine Cynn and another simply credited as “anonymous Indonesian”. In the film, Oppenheimer invites the infamous Anwar Congo to re-create his experience of the 1965-66 Indonesian killings. Anwar Congo is a gangster who went from a ticket scalper selling black market movie theater tickets to leading the most notorious death squad in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia. Anwar’s actions that contributed to the anti-communist purge of more than 500,000 slain people, of which he is personally responsible for approximately 1,000, have made him a renowned figured and somewhat of a founding father of the right-wing paramilitary group, Pemuda Pancasila.

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「Web and Anime Design」 Blue-slide (Summer Wars)

For lack of better word and official name, blue-slide is the text-effect used in the opening credits of the anime film, Summer Wars, directed by Mamoru Hosoda. The sequence has a very simple yet very sleek palette consisting of three colors: black, blue and white. The effect itself too is modest yet finely engineered. The Japanese text, consisting, for the most part, of ideographic kanji characters, are positioned boldly in white text, similar to a header. Meanwhile, the lower Roman type is minuscule in comparison but appeals through its elegant aqua-blue color and more overly its animation in which the kerning between each letter is decremented, making the text seem as if it is “sliding” towards the left.

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Persona 3 The Movie No. 1, Spring of Birth

「Mini Review」 Persona 3 The Movie: Chapter 1, Spring of Birth

My guess is as good as anyone’s as to why Persona 4 got a TV anime series and anime movie adaptation before its video game predecessor (lest we forget the recently announced second TV anime series), but one thing I am sure of is that with Spring of Birth, and hopefully with the succeeding iterations in this Persona 3 trilogy, the wait was and will be definitely worth it. Simply put, Spring of Birth is a paragon of Japanese animation.

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「Mini Review」 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford represents almost all the aspects of film that I have gradually gravitated towards in recent years.

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Dredd (2012 )-55

「Mini Review」 Dredd (2012)

Have you ever watched a movie more in the sense of watching a video game unfold? It isn’t too common a comparison for me, but with a story-line like Dredd’s, in which the protagonists have to survive and escape a 200-story slum tower block ridden with thugs under the control of a cutthroat drug lord, it’s pretty hard not to. As if straight out of an MMORPG’s party quest or an FPS game’s secret bonus mode, Dredd is a non-stop, explicit bloodbath of drugs, gun porn, explosions, and visual allure.

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47 Ronin (2013) A Spectacle Closest to Japanese Monster Hunting

47 Ronin (2013): A Spectacle Closest to Japanese Monster Hunting

A self-conflicted and self-inflicted failure by all means, but it’s status as the second most expensive box office bomb ever to date doesn’t render it completely null and void of at least some intrigue. After all, to lose so much money means you have to first spend more than that much money.

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