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Parasyte  - 01 -00070

「Visual Collection/Series Premiere」Parasyte -the maxim- #01. 「変身」

Parasyte wastes absolutely no time conveying the narrative subject matter at (horrifically mutated) hand, as a pre-opening sequence spanning less than twenty-five seconds depicts a helpless housewife having her noggin chomped off by the mutated head of her parasite-infected husband. If that isn’t enough of a fair warning for those faint of heart, I don’t know what is.

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No Game No Life - 06 -00006

「Visual Collection/Episode Review」 No Game No Life #06. 「一手(インタレスティング)」

There are two big accomplishments that need to be accredited to this week’s episode of No Game No Life. First of course is the new standard it has set for itself with that exciting mind game, and second is the full-blown, gratuitous nudity that it somehow pulled off with one simple technicality of narrative (女性服).

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No Game No Life - 01 -00083

「Visual Collection/Series Premiere」 No Game No Life #01. 「素人(ビギナー)」

ノーゲーム・ノーライフ 第1話 「おっぱいを究めろ! 夢見るお仕事 パンツウォーズ 音砂みはりの休日」 No Game No Life #01. 「Beginner」 Source Material: Light novel series by Yū Kamiya (榎宮 祐) Studio(s): Madhouse Director(s): Atsuko Ishizuka (いしづか あつこ) Writer(s): Jukki Hanada (花田 十輝) Music: Super Sweep Background Information: Originally a light novel series written and illustrated by Yū Kamiya, No Game No Life began its run in Media Factory’s MF Bunko J imprint in April 2012. Since then, it has accumulated five volumes and a manga adaptation. The manga, serialized in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic…

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