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Log Horizon 2 - 01 -00012

「Visual Collection/Series Premiere」Log Horizon 2 #01. 「北の国のシロエ」

Log Horizon returns in the hands of a new production studio, but nonetheless remains true to form. A montage of party-quest battles, a display of various character classes’ skills, and dialogue from the players who seem bent on having the time of their lives despite being trapped in a game for quite possibly the rest of their virtual-human lives remind me instantaneously why I adore this show and its take of this niche sub-genre.

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Log Horizon Second Seasoning (143)

Log Horizon #25. 「天秤祭」 (Season Finale) – How-to Properly Seize A Second Season

Whether they be manga, novels, games or even the more up-’til-lately less indulged mediums such as light novels, visual novels and the like, getting an anime adaptation will increase the general audience. That is a formula that has long since been set in anime-drawn stone, which really brings us to the true topic of this article: a little niche light novel series I like to call Log Horizon and whose anime adaptation I like to call ‘the best MMORPG-based anime series I have had the pleasure of watching.’

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