Hello, welcome to my website! I am an illustrator, graphic-fashion-web designer, creative author, blogger, video blogger, photographer, videographer, and general artist and content-creator. Here is where I’ll be publishing personal posts in the vein of a personal blog but also eventually transitioning it into a portfolio.

I dream, therefore I am(!):

…life to be continued


If you’ll indulge me in a brief moment of absolute corniness that seems to come naturally with anyone trying to talk about themselves, let me tell you a little about me. My name is—actually, my name is pretty inconsequential, I go by the handle of l3reezer, something you might just be aware of already, given its omnipresence in my usernames and URLs across a lot of social network platforms. I’m not really fond of the small talk, so we’ll get right into the crux of my character. Things that have changed my life include, probably pretty much everything thanks to the butterfly and the chaos theory named after it—but the things that have meaningfully changed my life include anime and manga as an artform, hip hop and many other genres of music, the friends I’ve made and lost throughout life (the latter equating to a number nearly just as high as the former, unfortunately), film as an art-form, women viewed as figures of endearment, food, the virtual frontier known as the internet, the broad existence of subcultures, and quite possibly all the sciences known to humankind. I’m not sure I would call myself a firm believer in the concept of duality, but Fate, God, or whoever or whatever is getting a hard-on from fucking with my time here on Earth (and maybe on other parts of the universe in the near and or distant future) seems to like me witnessing the different slants of situations, starting with the rather more rancorous ones. It actually shouldn’t be obvious through explanation, or the lack thereof, but this has made me out to be quite the ambitious dreamer. I’m a person who has had his ups and downs, mostly downs, and it’s long since become even more unhealthy that I’ve somewhat accepted that I need to suffer a bit, or a bit much, before living the dream-life, whatever that is, and whatever it’ll develop out to be. My regrettable brushes with friendships in the past have made me turn a blind eye towards people, effectively ushering in a hiatus from real-life interactions and a forlorn anticipation of some day’s rapport with another(s) equating to the idolized depictions of my favorite fictitious accounts of camaraderie. This formula plays out with a number of my other personal views. A childhood, teenage-dom, and young adult-life of, not to say poverty, but meager living has ingrained within me a desired sense of accomplishment through the pursuit of personal passions. I believe that hard-work can attain for you a successfully, wealthy and glamorous life in due time, but I further believe that it is not truly worth living until you’ve acknowledged that not having money should be viscerally interpreted as an inability to meet base living conditions and not an inability to greatly enhance living conditions, you’ve properly envisioned the life you aspire, and you’ve resolved to attain it only through honest pursuit. To apply a dose of brevity to the aforementioned, I believe that with everything you do, you should do becauseofdreams. I’m an illustrator, graphic/web designer, blogger, reviewer, writer, photographer and videographer—all self-proclaimed and utterly untrue; but at the end of the day what I can say for sure is that I’m irrevocably romanticized with all art-forms and just fucking making things in general. Feel free to drop me a public or private message, I’m always attracted to the idea of collaborating with creative people and making new friends (despite all the aforementioned crap about readily hating everyone).

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