Re Hamatora - 12 -00209

Re: Hamatora #12. 「Re:Resolution[EGO]」 (END) – Holding on to the Potential for Top 10 Anime of the Year until the Very End

I’ve been following the Hamatora project since the first season’s airing from January to March, and boy, has it been quite the emotional thrill ride. Back then, I definitely viewed the series through the lens of a pretty well-established crime-solving and mystery series, but this second cour has definitely broadened the series’s genre palette some more.

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Terra Formars - 01 -00022

「Visual Collection/Series Premiere」Terra Formars #01. 「00-01 THE ENCOUNTER 既知との遭遇」

A melodramatic exposition to start off the premiere of Terra Formars, but by the end of the episode, that momentum is used for quite the unexpected, yes, you heard her right, specialized and well-trained reservists blasting off into space to wage humanity’s war on… cockroaches…?!

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「TV Series of the Week」 Amachan (あまちゃん) #01.-#03. 「おら、この海が好きだ!」

It seems that the more and more I get into watching Japanese dramas, the more I realize my preference for rather niche series. As if the childhood tale of orphans wasn’t enough, now comes a modern-day coming-of-age story revolving around the subculture of ama, or female divers. And boy (or should I say girl), does the term niche apply to Amachan much more than it does for Ashita Mama ga Inai.

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One Piece 3D2Y - 01 - 00572

「ONE PIECE 3D2Y エースの死を越えて! ルフィ仲間との誓い」 – There’s Still A Glimmer of Hope for the One Piece Anime Series

In the end, I can’t say 3D2Y really delivered what it teased through its title, seeing as it only recounted a couple of days out of the two year period, in which Luffy didn’t really go great lengths in his training at all; but what it gave was something better and something that I feel no movie or special has done before.

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