「TV Series of the Week」 Ashita, Mama ga Inai #09. 「私の名前を呼んで…最後までありがとう」(Series Finale)

I’m thankful to have gotten exactly what I wanted out of this episode within the first four minutes. Judging from the most previous episodes, I never would have expected the sisterhood amongst the four girls to resurface as heart-warming as it was back in that endearing end-of-the-episode, late-night, little-rapscallion debauchery scene from the series’ premiere episode. And as if that wasn’t enough, the show-runners decided to, as per the first episode, dish out a cornucopia of friendship farewells and have us, once more, teary-eyed.

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Kill la Kill 015

FanimeCon/Music Fest 2014

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of once again attending the annual FanimeCon anime convention in my hometown of San Jose, California. Though I didn’t get the chance to re-experience the even greater pleasure of tabling at the convention’s Artist Alley exhibit as per last year, (to which I blame an unfortunate mishap and an irritable interaction with one of the convention’s staff members) I did get to spend some more time frequenting the plethora of activities hosted by the convention throughout its four day duration. Honestly, it’s a bit amazing I’ve never surveyed the program to this extent after four consecutive years of attendance.

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Hunter X Hunter - 131-00215

「Visual Collection/Episode Review」 Hunter x Hunter #131. 「イカリ × ト × ヒカリ」

I am going into this post with nothing prepared to say; twenty-three minutes and thirty-seven seconds of pure excellence has effectively rendered me speechless. Nevertheless, there is nothing that I want to do more than make this article just so I can have some sort of keepsake declaring that I have experienced and am a part of history in the making. With this latest installment of the Hunter x Hunter (2011) television anime series, the medium and art-form of Japanese animation is at its undeniable and absolute best.

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「TV Series of the Week」 Ashita, Mama ga Inai #08. 「少女が旅立つ時。子供たちの流す涙の訳」

I had way too many ideas I wanted to use as openings for this review whilst watching the episode itself, so humor me and let me just let out with all of them so we can move right on: Oh man, I never thought I would tear up in such a way while looking at a poster of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I’d say what we have here is a good ol’ fashion Mexican standoff for parental rights (the father here even bears a sort of facial recognition to the spaghetti Western icon himself). Now that’s what I call family! A winged victory for the sullen. And then there were two…

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Sailor Zombie - 01 -00052

「TV Series of the Week」 Sailor Zombie #01. 「転校生」

For the folks unsatisfied with the recent toned down nature and uneventfulness of The Walking Dead television series, they’re welcome to take a stab at this much more Japanese and nonsensical approach at the zombie apocalypse premise; although, fair warning, they’re probably much more inclined to come out of this apocalypse respecting the former’s degree of realism than the latter’s employment of some seriously over-the-top elements.

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「TV Series of the Week」 Ashita, Mama ga Inai #07. 「私のママでいい?」

Enter, again, all-around savior Posuto. Posuto is doubling up on her humanitarian roles this week, commiserating with dear friends and casual acquaintances alike; while Donki continues her plummet into malice as she betrays her own friend and throws the whole household of Kogamo no Ie into a state of disarray.

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Dredd (2012 )-55

「Mini Review」 Dredd (2012)

Have you ever watched a movie more in the sense of watching a video game unfold? It isn’t too common a comparison for me, but with a story-line like Dredd’s, in which the protagonists have to survive and escape a 200-story slum tower block ridden with thugs under the control of a cutthroat drug lord, it’s pretty hard not to. As if straight out of an MMORPG’s party quest or an FPS game’s secret bonus mode, Dredd is a non-stop, explicit bloodbath of drugs, gun porn, explosions, and visual allure.

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Legend of Korra S02E01 - 09

「TV Series of the Week」 Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Book Two: Spirits) S02E01 (Season Premiere)

Definitely have some mixed feelings here. After season one’s finale, I was really excited Team Avatar was finally leaving behind Republic City and the sentiments established during that arc, but nineteen minutes into the premiere and things seem all too familiar. Now that I can retrospect, I would have much more preferred things started in media res.

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No Game No Life - 06 -00006

「Visual Collection/Episode Review」 No Game No Life #06. 「一手(インタレスティング)」

There are two big accomplishments that need to be accredited to this week’s episode of No Game No Life. First of course is the new standard it has set for itself with that exciting mind game, and second is the full-blown, gratuitous nudity that it somehow pulled off with one simple technicality of narrative (女性服).

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Haikyuu!! - 06 -00004

「Visual Collection/Episode Review」 Haikyuu!! #06. 「面白いチーム」

The practice match against Aoba Jousai High is a well-placed provision and preparation to not only finally cleanse Hinata of his chronic anxiety before any official matches but also to get a good ol’, once-in-a-series-time glimpse of our newly-formed, oh-so-intimidating, all-star team behind a not-so-intimidating lens. As opposed to playing volleyball, it’s more like the goof-balls of Karasuno are performing slap-stick comedy with each other on their side of the court; and to think, the ridiculousness all starts with some old-school bickering and rivalry, an incident that leads to a gang pose priceless enough to make me want to write this review just to use it as the cover picture to a post.

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47 Ronin (2013) A Spectacle Closest to Japanese Monster Hunting

47 Ronin (2013): A Spectacle Closest to Japanese Monster Hunting

A self-conflicted and self-inflicted failure by all means, but it’s status as the second most expensive box office bomb ever to date doesn’t render it completely null and void of at least some intrigue. After all, to lose so much money means you have to first spend more than that much money.

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Log Horizon Second Seasoning (143)

Log Horizon #25. 「天秤祭」 (Season Finale) – How-to Properly Seize A Second Season

Whether they be manga, novels, games or even the more up-’til-lately less indulged mediums such as light novels, visual novels and the like, getting an anime adaptation will increase the general audience. That is a formula that has long since been set in anime-drawn stone, which really brings us to the true topic of this article: a little niche light novel series I like to call Log Horizon and whose anime adaptation I like to call ‘the best MMORPG-based anime series I have had the pleasure of watching.’

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The Sound Effect of Hiizumi Akina’s Tuning and Esoterism (Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~) (31)

「Anime Tidbit #02.」 The Sound Effect of Hiizumi Akina’s Tuning and Esoterism (Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~)

I seldom open the rift between dimensions (only on weekends) but I have been exposed to enough shōnen anime series to accustom myself to the axiom of thought that all story elements that make the narrative more bad-ass should correspondingly look and sound bad-ass.

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Hagimura Suzu’s Head’s Design-savy, Re-appearing Caption

「Anime Tidbit #01.」 Hagimura Suzu’s Head’s Design-savy, Re-appearing Caption (Seitokai Yakuindomo*)

3DCGI: Studio GoHands, Studio BACU Animation Production: Studio GoHands Key Animation: Studio GoHands In-Between Animation: Studio GoHands, Studio I&S Factory It’s two-dimensional, it’s three-dimensional, it rotates and revolves like a planet in orbit around the sun that is her head, it has a secondary rainbow-gradient stroke, it changes color by the letter, it has a striped-pattern overlay, it marquees, it spins like a wheel, it’s worn and curved like a crown and it even comes with a nifty pointing arrow. The design-savy caption has a…

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